Dragon Gate USA is excited to announce the next Seminar/Tryout will be on November 16th in Queens, NY with esteemed veterans Masaaki Mochizuki and Genki Horiguchi as the head trainers. This is your chance to get discovered, fine tune your skills and learn from two of the most influential figures in Dragon Gate and all of Japan.

You will have the opportunity to learn the Dragon Gate system and get immediate feedback from Mochizuki and Horiguchi.  A good showing in a Seminar can also lead to bookings in Japan, DGUSA, EVOLVE, SHINE, and FIP. This is also a chance to improve your resume.

The DGUSA Seminar/Tryout has proved to be very successful with several talents being discovered, getting booked and, most importantly, improving their skills and learning more techniques. Uhaa Nation is an example of a wrestler who were discovered in a DGUSA Seminar/Tryout. He has since become a star in Japan for Dragon Gate. Many others have gotten on DGUSA/EVOLVE iPPVs, DVDs and have gained other exposure. An example is Derek Ryze, who was booked in the final edition of the Jeff Peterson Cup after being seen in a DGUSA Seminar/Tryout.

This is open to any wrestler who has completed a training course. You will get immediate feedback on how to improve. You will also be on the DGUSA/EVOLVE radar and we will monitor your improvements. Samuray Del Sol is an example of someone who first got noticed in a DGUSA Seminar/Tryout, had his progress followed and eventually earned a contract. You will then get to put on a match for a private audience of Dragon Gate wrestlers and office staff. Normally you would have to go to Japan to learn the things you will in a full Seminar/Tryout. The cost of this unique opportunity is $149.

"The track record of the DGUSA Seminar/Tryouts speaks for itself," DGUSA Vice President Gabe Sapolsky said. "A lot of wrestlers have gotten on DGUSA, EVOLVE or shows of our sister promotions through these. Some have even gotten contracts and toured Japan. I admit I am flooded with match links and DVDs of wrestlers trying to get noticed. That way simply doesn't work. You have to be there in person to really be seen these days. This is also a tremendous way to improve your skills and enhance your resume."

There is also a pay-as-you-go option for wrestlers who want to continue their training with DGUSA. Once you participate in a DGUSA Seminar/Tryout, you can take part in as many future ones as you want for half price. Email us at if you want to take advantage of this option. This means if you have participated in a past Seminar/Tryout you can sign up for November 16th at half price.

To take part in a DGUSA Seminar/Tryout please fill out the application found at in the Seminar/Tryout section listed on the menu at the bottom of the page. Then email it to with "Seminar/Tryout" in the subject. You will then be notified on if you are approved to participated. Thank you. If you have any questions feel free to email us.

We appreciate your interest in the DGUSA Seminar/Tryout. If you are accepted to participate you can make payment in the Store or by calling 727-580-0636. This is the opportunity you've been waiting for! Good luck!