Report Piracy

Piracy on the Internet has become a major concern and problem for independent wrestling promotions. It threatens the survival of this industry. We have done our best to counter it and give you a product worth supporting. Not only that, but the time we spend fighting piracy and money we lose would go towards making our product better for you. Now we are asking for your help.

Please report any cases of Dragon Gate USA and Dragon Gate piracy to or fill out the form below. You don't have to include your name and address, but if you do we will send you a free gift as a thank you for any links we are able to shut down. We will never disclose or release your name and address. You can do this anonymously if you choose not to receive the gift. Simply fill out the form below to help the independent wrestling promotions and wrestlers that work their hardest for your entertainment. Thank you for your help in this important matter.