Pro Debut Year: 
Veteran Army
Trademark Moves: 
Crossfile (double wrist-clutch sit down powerbomb), Schwein (over the shoulder belly-to-back piledriver), Venus (leaping palm strike while opponent on top rope), Mad Splash (frog splash), Iconoclasm (reverse crucifix sit down slam), Perfect Driver (cross
Titles & Awards: 

Open The United Gate Champion (2 times), Open The Brave Gate Champion, Open The Triangle Gate Champion (7 times), Open The Dream Gate Champion (8 times), Open The Twin Gate Champion (3 times), PWG 2007 Battle Of Los Angeles Winner


Fast Facts: 

The leader of Blood Warriors is a legendary figure in Dragon Gate...called the "Dragon Gate Icon" in DGUSA...was trained by Ultimo Dragon...has seen action in WWE and WCW...has made many appearances in ROH including a win over AJ Styles...has held titles in Mexico and Australia...known for his technical wrestling and high impact moves...member of some of the most exciting and memorable factions in Japanese wrestling history...competed in the 3rd Super J Cup...sidelined in 2008 with a serious neck injury...has held every title in Dragon Gate...feels he is superior to the fans and younger wrestlers, especially Ronin.